Musicians You Should Know: Yungchen Lhamo

Basic Facts

Born: 1966, Lhasa, Tibet
Type of Performer: Singer, songwriter
Genre: Meditation, prayer

About Yungchen Lhamo

Yungchen Lhamo was born and raised in Tibet, where her grandmother taught her folk songs and religious music. Her family was poor, however, and at the age of five she began working as a domestic servant to help earn money. In 1989, she undertook the perilous journey across the Himalayan Mountains to India to be able to pursue music and spirituality. She later moved to Australia, where she recorded and released her first album, Tibetan Prayer, which won the Australia Recording Industry Award for Best World Album in 1995. She was later signed by Peter Gabriel to his label, Real World Records. She has toured internationally, including at Carnegie Hall, Lilith Fair, and Royal Albert Hall in London. She has also established a foundation to support needy families and children in Tibet. Lhamo now lives in New York. 


Happiness Is...

Fade Away, feat. Annie Lennox

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