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5 Musical Friendships You Might Not Know About

When we think of classical composers, we sometimes have a tendency to put them in a box, or take them out of the context in which they were living and working. But actually, a lot of composers we know and love also knew and loved each other, since they lived and worked in the same time periods and geographic areas. In honor of Friendship Day on July 30, we're exploring some musical friendships you might not know about.

1. Johannes Brahms and Clara Schumann

Brahms was a good friend of both Robert Schumann and his wife, Clara. They met in the early 1850s, when Robert heard the younger Brahms' music and became a mentor of sorts. When Robert got sick just a few months after they met, Brahms threw himself into helping Clara take care of the kids and the house. They remained friends after Robert died, and Clara even performed and promoted several of Brahms' piano pieces. There has been speculation that there was a love triangle between Brahms and the Schumanns, based on letters b…

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